OmniTrader is Your Path to Trading Success

OmniTrader is one of the most powerful trading platforms available. It provides you with various tools to analyze the market and brings you the best candidates.

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Great Buy & Sell Candidates

OmniTrader is an all-in-one trading platform, built for traders. Using our unified platform that requires no back-end coding, you have access to hundreds of trading indicators and systems, power to trade directly from the charts and even allow OmniTrader to manage your trades for you.

OmniTrader Adapts to Changing Markets

The markets are constantly changing, so no single strategy can work well all the time. Your strategy has to adapt to what the markets are doing right now.

Using the Adaptive Reasoning Model, OmniTrader test up to 120 different trading systems to find those that are working right now on each symbols and generates the best possible buy and sell signals. So whether the markets are trending up or down, trading in a range, or breaking, out you’ll always find good candidates to trade.

OmniTrader Educates You to be a Better Trader

OmniTrader is packed with helpful information to teach you how to determine the overall direction of the market, Identify strong market sectors, confirm buy and sell signals to isolate the best candidates to trade and manage your positions to maximize profits.

OmniTrader 2021

R7099 R6599
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  • 2021 Version
  • 120+ Indicators & advanced Studies
  • Supports End-of-Day Market Data

OmniTrader Professional

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  • Get an EDGE with a R1500 SAVING!
  • 2021 Version
  • Custom Indicators and Systems
  • Supports Real-Time Market Data